The successive rulers have siphoned off around $375 billion from the public exchequer and amassed the money in European banks, Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Deputy Ameer Sheikh Usman Farooq claimed.

Talking to the media men here at Jamia Tafheemul Quran the other day, the JI stalwart stated that it is due to the corruption and money-laundering of the ruling class that today Pakistan is sobbing under the huge burden of $140 billion local and foreign loans with a whopping budget deficit of $112 billion. “However, despite the mess, rulers are gaining more loans from IMF due to which our economy is on the verge of destruction,” he added.

He pointed out that the Jamaat-e-Islami has decided to unveil all mega corruption scandals of the ruling class and public details of the financial scams that have left the country in quagmire of multifarious crises.

JI District Ameer Dr Tahir Ahmad Ch, District General Secretary Rao Muhammad Akhtar, Political committee District President Malik Sardar Muhammad and other leaders were also present on the occasion.

Sheikh Usman Farooq alleged that the parliament has been taken hostage by “what he called” economic terrorists and that NAB is also working as their facilitator.

He regretted that Pakistan is facing great troubles due to the negligence and indifference of the ruling parties. “They are making money and have no concern with the national economy or the country’s matters,” he lamented.

He claimed that corruption to the tune of Rs1 billion are being made in government departments on a daily basis. He referred to a report compiled by the Auditor General of Pakistan that corruption of Rs1,053 billion is made annually in power and water sectors. He criticised the power projects like Nandipur and solar power plants projects and pointed out that these projects have gone out of order due to mighty corruption.

“The government have no enough funds to run government departments PIA, Railways, Wapda and Steel Mills while profit-earning entities are being privatised,” he regretted.

The JI leader claimed that a PIA hotel in New York is being sold to one of government’s blue eyed for merely $9 million. He said that Kissan Package introduced by the government to facilitate the farmers has been hijacked by the ‘mighty corrupt lot.’ Sh Usman Farooq alleged that instead of facilitating the victims of flood and other natural disasters, Kissan Package is being distributed to the blue-eyed workers only to use them in election campaign. He said that the Jamaat would unveil corruption stories of the corrupt rulers to save the country.