Rawalpindi - Although Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has strictly ordered the government functionaries to attend the citizens properly during the office hours and solve their problems, yet a large number of complainants have been visiting the offices of district government to get their problems resolved but still they (officers) are not available to them.

The offices where citizens are facing immense troubles include District Coordination Officer (DCO) Office, Additional District Collector Revenue (ADCR) Office and Assistant Commissioner (AC) Office.

The most important issues of public pending with these offices are correction in land record, land transfer, issuance of fard, complaints against the corrupt revenue officers and other related issues.

Interestingly, DCO Sajid Zafar Dall who has been posted in the city for the last three years is still contemplating that he should select a day a week to address public complaints.

According to a survey conducted by The Nation in the aforementioned offices yesterday, the complaints criticised the inefficiency of the said officers.

They said that they have to wait for hours to submit their complaints before the officers of district government as all the times the officers were either busy in meetings or absent from offices during duty hours.

They demanded CM Sharif to pay a surprise visit to the offices of the district government high-ups to see how they have been humiliating the general public.

Seventy-one-year-old Syed Zamurd Hussain Shah, a resident of Rawalpindi, told The Nation that he has been visiting the office of AC Saddar for the last many days to tender an application seeking implementation of a court’s orders for getting succession certificate for his ancestral land measuring 5 kanals and 14 marlas. The land is located at Malikpur Azizal, tehsil Rawalpindi, he said.

But every time the AC was found absent from his office, he added. He further said that the court issued a decree in his favour on October 6, 2015 in this regard and he had appeared before DCO on April 1 with an application. He informed that DCO marked the application to AC Saddar but despite his several visits, the AC was not available in his office.

“I am an old man suffering from backbone problem. I urge the CM Punjab to pay heed towards maladies of public,” he said.

Abdul Rashid, son Said Akbar, an 80-year-old man who had come from Meera Bhartha area of Rawat told this correspondent that revenue office transferred his father’s land mistakenly to some other man, who was also living in their village, due to same names in 1991. He said that revenue officer was not cooperating with him despite several visits. “I have been sitting here since morning to submit my compliant but officers such as DCO, ADCR and AC are unavailable for redressing my problems,” he said.    Many other citizens, who were standing outside the offices of the said officers, said that the officers do not sit in their offices during duty hours owing to which their cases have been pending for months.

Personnel Assistant of ADCR Arif Rahim, when contacted, informed that his boss is on official leave for six days and AC Saddar would look after the complainants during this period.

The AC Saddar was not present in his office when this correspondent tried to take his version.

DCO Sajid Zafar Dall, when contacted, for his official version said that his office is open for all every time. “People come to me and see me in evenings as well,” he added. He further said, “We don’t even have Sundays off. One possible solution to this issue could be to have a public day once a week.”