French ambassador hosts business delegation

ISLAMABAD (PR): French Ambassador Martine Dorance on Wednesday hosted a reception in honour of visiting French business delegation at her residence.

Martine made a short speech on this occasion in which she introduced the Medef Business delegation led by Thierry PFLIMLIN, Chairman of the France-Pakistan Business Council of MEDEF International and President of Total Global Services. In her speech, Dorance mentioned that Medef delegation had visited Pakistan after almost twelve years. Since 2005, economic bilateral relationship between the two countries has gained momentum. She thanked Minister for Water and Power and Defence Khawaja Asif, Federal Minister for Food security Sikandar Bosan and PM’s Adviser Dr Mussadiq Malik.

While introducing the head of French delegation, she said that the delegation has represented 16 companies and offered business opportunities in different sectors such as energy, environmental services, banking and financial services, agribusiness, IT and aviation industry. The purpose of their visit is to strengthen commercial and industrial partnerships between France and Pakistan, she added.

Beaconhouse School Service Quality Management Programme 2017

KARACHI (PR): After the successful launch of School Service Quality Management programme called BEACONNECT in Central &Northern region, Beaconhouse on March 24, 2017 launched the programme across its schools network in Southern region as well.

BEACONNECT program is a technology enabled school management process. It is an innovative way for Beaconhouse to engage with schools parent in a hassle-free manner. The programme enables each school to get monthly feedback regarding satisfaction of its parents with the schools education service standards. It also enables timely resolution of parent’s complaints, and effective management of student retention.

Pakistan Red Crescent provides free first aid to blast victims

LAHORE (PR): Soon after the horrible bomb blast at Bedian Road (Mana wala Stop) Lahore, Emergency Response team of Pakistan Red Crescent Punjab responded on the order of Secretary PRC Punjab and provided free First Aid and Ambulance service for the victims of bomb blast.

While in Lahore General Hospital 4 injured were given Psychological First Aid and 1 link was restored between the injured and his family by our RFL officer. Pakistan Red Crescent Punjab strongly condemns all such terrorist activities.