In his latest video on social media star actor Hamza Ali Abbasi said to create a moderate and tolerant counter-narrative voices like Islamic scholar Javed Ghamdi’s need to be highlighted.

“I had a lot of questions and misconceptions regarding religion but after listening to Ghamdi, they have become clear.”

In the video, Abbasi raised questions and reasons for the downfall of Muslims and Islam.


“Where did we go wrong? Where did these extremists come from? There was a time when Islam and Muslims were excelling in every field.”

He also spoke about the sects in Islam.

“Islam was given to the Prophet (PBUH) and later it was interpreted by people. There is no issue with disagreements, but if it turns into a war between right and wrong, then that is where things deteriorated.”

“Ghamdi was the one who challenged all this and in result 3 of his close people were killed,” he said.