“My solar plexus was tight with fear as I ploughed on. Halfway up I stopped, exhausted. I could look down 10,000 feet between my legs, and I have never felt more insecure.”

–Sir Edmund Hillary – 1955

Have you ever had a chance to go crazy and experience something out of the world? If yes, then you have really got some guts there! If not, are you ready to try any one of these adventures? Here’s something you should definitely try be a part of once in your lifetime: The International Highline Meeting Festival! The idea of the festival was originated by two friends Alessandro d‘Emilia and Armin Holzer, who were highliners. After their own experience, they invited over friends and others from over 20 countries to take part in the very first festival that took place in Italy in 2012, in the beautiful mountains of Monte Piana. The participants had to spend a night sleeping in hammocks that hung from tight ropes, stretched across the Italian Alps. Though non-competitive, the purpose of the festival was to commemorate the 18,000 young soldiers who died there in World War 1 by making a rainbow of the hammocks. The 7 km trenches of the war time are still visible from above. Set in the breath taking magnificence of Monte Piana, the festival has all other sorts of fun activities and food places to offer such as a kitchen, a bar and splendid musical jam sessions. Participants can also benefit from Yoga workshops or take paraglider flights. The festival has occurred three times to date. Athletes and enthusiasts from all over the world are invited to participate in what is known as one of the most terrifying festivals of the world!