Before a month of Ramzan, the prices of food products, commodities and other goods in Pakistan have already begun to rise. It is a traditional phenomenon that before the month of Ramzan, inflation rises at its peak as Pakistanis start spending more money on food products. In Pakistan, prices of staple food items increase by 17 percent. Purchasing food items becomes much more expensive for people as compared to the last year.

In other countries like USA, UK and Australia; the prices of staple foods and other consumer products such as clothes, shoes and other household items become inexpensive on their holy festivities. But unfortunately, our country is totally opposite from other countries. One risk of higher inflation is that it has a regressive effect on lower-income families and older people in society.

We request to the concerned authorities to issue the presidential regulation as soon as possible to prevent higher inflationary pressures as Ramzan approaches, so people can celebrate their Holy month of Ramadan with solace and joyousness.


Karachi, March 22.