Corruption, bad governance scourge uplift

AJK AB’s Annual Report discussed

2018-04-05T21:48:49+05:00 OUR STAFF REPORT

MIRPUR (AJK)-AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has said that corruption and bad governance are scourges which affect the economic and social development.

“Every effort in this regard will be made to eliminate these evils from their roots,” he said during a meeting with Azad Jammu and Kashmir Ehtesab Bureau Chairman Raja Muhammad Aslam who presented the president with the bureau’s Annual Report, 2017.

The President said that developing economies must be very watchful to power abuse, financial mismanagement and maladministration. He urged relevant institutions to establish a culture of accountability and transparency. Civil servants and elected representatives, he said, are all accountable to the people and the electorate. He said that the Azad Jammu and Kashmir government had established a three-point agenda which will focus on accelerating the freedom struggle in Indian Occupied Kashmir; practicing good governance through accountability, transparency, and upholding merit and finally, prioritizing economic and social development throughout AJK.

He said that in 2017 stringent efforts have been made to make the Ehtesab Bureau more stable and effective in achieving its goals. Despite numerous challenges including delays, finances and human resources, the Ehtesab Bureau has displayed better performance at all its divisional offices, he added.

AJK’s government, said the president, has made great strides in strengthening governance in all spheres, especially through merit-based appointments, finalisation and execution of economic projects through transparent and rigorous professional processes.

He further said that with growing economic activity in AJK and implementation of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, infrastructure uplift and hydropower projects the need for vigilance, monitoring, evaluation and accountability has become very important.

INT’L ENERGY MOOT ON 9TH:The 1st International Conference on Power, Energy and Smart Grid I (ICPESG) will be held at Mirpur University of Science & Technology on 9th.

Publication Chair and Senior Member International Electrical and Electronics Engineering (SMIEEE) Anzar Mahmood said on Thursday that the prime focus of the global moot will be to promote research in the area of power systems and energy to cope with the technological challenges, energy crises situation and environmental issues faced by the power and energy sectors in different parts of the world.

President of Azad Jammu Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan will inaugurate the moot with AJK minister for Electricity Raja Nisar Ahmed as guest of honor and Vice Chancellor Habibur Rehman.

Dr Anzar said that the Conference received over 170 papers from 17 countries . After a rigorous and digital review process carried out by a panel of seasoned reviewers / experts from more than Eight countries, only 38 papers of high intellect have been entertained for oral presentation in the conference”, he underlined.

He hoped that the grant global moot will open new vistas for the participants and the presenters with a platform for sharing their ideas among themselves during the courage of the event coupled with other researchers and scientists globally through proceeding of the Conference on IEEE Explore, he elaborated which highlighting the salient features of the moot.

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