LAHORE (PR) - Punjab Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency (PEECA) Thursday organised a workshop “Energy efficiency in the post COP 21 World; building an enabling environment for energy efficiency in Pakistan”.

Speakers, addressing the workshop, shared that efficiency and technological innovation in the energy sector are essential to reduce emissions and to improve the quality of life. “Globally, it is becoming increasingly clear that energy efficiency needs to be central in energy policies around the world.

All of the core imperatives of energy policy – reducing energy cost, decarburization, air pollution, energy security, and energy access – are made more attainable if led by strong energy efficiency policy. As the world transitions to clean energy, efficiency can make the transition cheaper, faster and more beneficial across all sectors of our economies,” they unanimously said.

Guests of honors were Tahawar Hussain (Member Energy, Planning Commission), Gul Najam Jami (Senior Technical Advisor, Safety Net Programme South Asia Region – World Bank) and Baqar Raza (DG PCRET).

Program manager PEECA Abdur Rahman said: “Punjab is the first province to take initiative in this regard and Energy Conservation Building Codes (ECBCs) are being prepared and we believe that PEECA will be able to manage and make bridge between demand and supply of energy in future. One house can save up to 30% electricity by properly using ECBC. In next one decade or so we are expecting construction of at least 10 million new houses and energy supply to this large number is impossible without using energy conservation codes.”

He further added that energy department is working on a pilot project “the first green building” in Lahore and at the same time government has started energy efficiency certification for appliance e.g. fans, ACs refrigerators etc.

Other speakers on the occasion were Muhammad Saleem (Chief NEECA), Badar Haroon (RCCI), Ms Saadia Qayyum (PEECA), Assad Mahmood (NEECA), Adeel Raheel and Irshad Ramay (NCPC). At the end of the workshop, shields were presented to the participants.