islamabad - The residents of sector G-14 have been facing difficulties due to the indifference of authorities who are not able to provide them the basic amenities. The lack of concern from the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation, which launched the sector some 13 years back, has tested the patience of those living in the area.

A survey of the sector reveals that there has been no development work in the area since a long time. The sector lacks basic amenities such as water. The sewerage system has been choked, the roads are in a poor condition and the streets lights don’t work. There is also no garbage collection system in place.

There is no school, no dispensary, no playgrounds, no parks in the sector. The residents of sector G-14/4 have complained that inhabitants of the locality are not being supplied water regularly, which has made their lives miserable. Tayyab Abbas, a resident of sector G-14/4 told The Nation that in the absence of proper water supply, the residents have opted for boring which has damaged underground water level.

The helpless inhabitants are compelled to purchase water from private tankers on higher rates while there is fear that the situation will worsen with the arrival of summer season. 

Spokesman for the FGEHF, Sajid Asadi told The Nation that DG Housing, Waqas Ali visited the sector on Thursday and held an open katchery. “He met the residents of the sector to get firsthand information about their problems,” he said. The DG assured the residents to streamline the water tanker system and told them to submit Rs 350 to the FGEHF instead of paying for the tanker service. The second issue pointed out by the residents was rehabilitation/maintenance of the infrastructure.  The Foundation is going to auction some commercial plots in sector G-13 and G-14 on 10 April and all the revenue collected from this auction would be spent on the rehabilitation of the sector. “The Foundation has already prepared PC-I worth Rs 470 million for maintenance/rehabilitation of the infrastructure in the sector and once the auction money comes in the FGEHF accounts, the development work would start in the area,” he said.

He was of the view that CDA collects all the municipal taxes from the area against which the Authority does not provide services. “It is FGEHF which has been providing services to the residents in return for nothing from them,” he said. He added that the residents and the FGEHF senior officials would meet chairman CDA on April 10 to take up the issue of tax collection and its utilization.