Divorce is a major ethical and social issue in the world. Pakistan has experienced a rapid increase in divorce rates over the years. Most of the people blame temper and interpersonal issues between the couple for divorce

For what it is worth in cases of divorce the spouse, rebuke equally. Women tend to gain more independence while men are not ready to accept the mere existence of equality. It may be the other way around too.

Success plays an integral part as well, both of the spouses are not ready to share each other`s success and failures in the spirit of their marriage. At a young age, couples do not understand relationships at all; they cannot differentiate between what is important for them and what is not.

I would urge all the couples to try their very best when it comes to marriage. After all separation of either parent’s leaves, the child in a disturbed space, which is irrevocable at, times.


Karachi, March 12.