There seems to be wide disarray between Imran Khan and Narendra Modi., Imran is a proponent of peace and the Modi is a follower of war.  As soon as Imran took the oath, he extended an opportunity for peace while Modi, on the other hand, refused to consider such a proposal.

Beating the drums of war is not a new technique for Indian politicians; it has become a tradition for the less popular politician to win the support of people, to incite the sentiment of nationalism and jingoism. Modi is a fickle minded politician; he could go to any extent for his seat.

Modi`s doctrine is jingoistic and extreme in its nature; he breeds the sense of in harmony and hatreds among the people in India against Muslims and Pakistan.

In today’s India, minorities are facing persecution on a daily basis. Modi is, in fact, discriminating the nations and alienating the subcultures from reciprocal living. Whereas Imran Khan, on the other hand, is unique in his position, he believes in equality and adaptability. He is liberal and modern in his thought. Imran values the rights of minorities and protects them from victimization of bigotry. He has promised to shelter and respect the faith of Hindus, Sikh, Christian, and other minorities.

It is beyond words that Imran possess the quality of diplomacy whereas Modi lacks that leadership. He [Modi] is a politician who runs after the premiership at the cost of of innocent Kashmiris and Muslims across India. Modi is an opportunist, and most disliked person because of his devilish intention. I believe he ignites fire while Imran is extinguishing that fire.

 Modi feels the pride to beat the drums of war while Imran appeases to halt because he believes there is no honor in war.


Larkana, March 15.