KARACHI   -   PML-N leader and former finance minister Miftah Ismail on Friday criticised the PTI-led federal government for taking loans from international lenders at a rapid pace, saying the government has obtained loans equal to loans taken in the first 38 years after creation of the country

“In the first seven months of the government, poor economic policies of the federal government has caused an increase in inflation on an unprecedented scale, exposing the incompetence of the rulers,” Mr Miftah Ismail  asserted while addressing a press conference here. He lashed out at the economic mangers of the government, saying that the PTI government failed to understand the situation and reform the economy accordingly.

Ismail claimed that economic growth was far better in during the tenure of the PML-N government as compared to the current situation and projection. He was of the view that even the PTI members have acknowledged that the economy is not going in the right direction. “That’s the reason why international investors are hesitated to invest in Pakistan,” said the PML-N leader.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan used to criticize the PML-N and the PPP over hike in the prices of daily-use commodities but the PTI government increased the prices of POL along with tariff of different utilities despite hue and cry of the masses,” the former finance minister regretted.

He criticised that people have never witnessed such a wave of inflation. “There is no justification of raising gas prices,” he argued, adding that where is the “magic the PTI used to claim” while running election campaign.

Miftah Ismail pointed out that 1.5 million newly passed out students need employment every year and as per the State Bank of Pakistan, the same number of people could be awarded jobs, if the economic growth remains 6 percent per annum.


Newly-renovated Materials and Processes Outdoor Studio, an initiative of the students of Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi, was inaugurated on Friday.

KU Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Dean Prof Dr Nasreen Aslam Shah was the chief guest.

Speaking on the occasion, she said that such activities would be beneficial for students in their career and underlined to organise such activities on regular basis. She also appreciated the efforts of the students and expressed that they have display their talents while establishing this outdoor studio.

Chairperson VS Department Durayya Qazi was delighted with the completion of the project and mentioned that whole work was done in only 15 days.

Describing it as a milestone, she said that the project is the creation of students of the department of visual studies, under the supervision of their teachers - Asim Mehdi Kazmi and Mohammad Owais.

As many as 151 students of the foundation year had transformed the area into a beautiful and rustic outdoor studio using their own handwork.

Asim Kazmi, the chief organizer said that the conviction of students on their teachers was necessary, it is theirs collaboration and hard work because of which we have met the success. He mentioned that it should be noted that before the studio this place was considered as an open landfill.

Dr Fauzia Naz of Mass Communication along with the other teachers of Visual Studies department also attended the ceremony.