In the aftermath of the post Pulwama showdown between Pakistan and India, two very distinct narratives had emerged from each side of the border. One would have thought that with modern surveillance and civilian technology so ubiquitous the time of false “wartime” narratives was over, yet the starkly differing picture painted by each nation baffled independent neutral observers who wanted to arrive at the truth beyond what nationalism asked us to believe.

Over the following weeks the truth has been filtering out, satellite imagery – sourced by journalists with no stake in the conflict - proved that no damage was done to any structure in the Balakot “surgical strike”, let alone kill over 300 militants as alleged by the Indian government and media. While the capture of the Indian pilot and the wreckage of the MIG-21Bison could not allow India to dispute that one of their planes had been shot down, they persisted in claiming that a Pakistan F-16 had been downed too, and that Pakistan was covering up the evidence as well as the purported death of the pilot. Despite no evidence whatsoever to back this claim up, the story was feed to the Indian people by it’s the highest echelons of Indian military and government. Narendra Modi continues to assert this, as does the Indian Air Force – curiously, Wing Commander Abhinandan, who supposedly shot the plane down, has made no such claims.

The reason for that has now become clear – no Pakistani F-16 was shot down. All of them are accounted for after a physical count by US officials.

This is no surprise to the Pakistani public, who already believed the version the government had been presenting, but it should be a great eye-opener for the Indian populace. Their Prime Minister has been lying to them for weeks, and so has their armed forces. It is hoped the Indian public can look beyond nationalism to see how they are being manipulated by their own government.