DIR LOWER - A total of 15 coronavirus test­ed positive out of 56 reports sub­mitted to laboratory with 41 have been declared as negative, Focal Person and Deputy District Health Officer for Crises Management Cell Dir Lower Dr. Irshad Ali Roghani informed media here on Sunday.

He said there were 11 positive cases on Saturday last, so the re­port of four more positive cases came reached upto 15 out of 56 simple submitted for tests and the result of 41 have been negatives, which is very positive sign.

He said there were 24 more re­sults with 4 positive cases and 6 negative cases. District Admin­istration and Health department workers have decided 86 homes turned into quarantine centers wherein 304 people were settled.

DDHO said 3130 people’s screening had completed in re­ceived list till then and 401 further people have passed from screen­ing’s process in entry points and different teams inside the district Dir Lower.




Meanwhile, the District Admin­istration has imposed Section 144, banning pillion riding on motor­cycles and gathering of five per­sons or more than five persons throughout the district.

According to details, a crack­down, on the special directives of Maidan Circle DSP Saeedur Reh­man and SHO Imran Khan with Traffic In-charge Bakht Muham­mad launched against pillion rid­ers on motorcycles and rented cars.

The decision in this connection was taken in the larger interest of the public safety and avoiding spreading of coronavirus due to large gathering and movements.

He also fined several drivers and instructed them to follow the in­struction of the government to avert the threat of outbreak of coronavirus.