LAHORE - The Child Protection & Welfare Bureau (CPWB) has launched a ‘warning & awareness operation’ in the city to end child beggary and keep children safe from coronavirus.  CPWB Chairperson Sarah Ahmed said on Sunday that the bureau was utilising all its resources to root out child beggary. She said that despite various protective measures including instructions for not coming out from homes, it was observed that some professional beggars had not stopped begging on the roads and residential areas.  Sarah Ahmed said that the warning & awareness operation, launched from April 4, has specially been focusing on child beggars to create awareness among them. In the second phase, to be launched from the next week, she added, the CPWB would take strict punitive action against them. She said that police would also assist the CPWB during the crackdown, adding that every effort would be made to end child beggary..