COVID-19 in Punjab


The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak rose to 25 on Monday, with a tally of confirmed cases in Pakistan jumped to 1,762 including 20 deaths.

In Pakistan, Punjab is affected very badly by Coronavirus with 638 confirmed cases and still increasing on a daily basis. The reason behind the firm or fast spread of Coronavirus in Punjab is the unseriousness of the public. They are still taking it lightly and not following a single precautionary measure like regular washing of hands, using sanitiser, wearing surgical masks and avoidance of social meet-ups.

However, Dr Yasmin Rashid the Provincial Minister for Health declared that ‘A complete lockdown is the best way to stop the outbreak.’ She appealed to the masses to confine themselves to their homes. But still, people can be seen roaming around on the streets, markets and crowds can be spotted everywhere in the province despite a prohibition.

Lastly, I personally salute the doctors and nurses of my nation. They are spending sleepless nights serving the patients and curbing the world pandemic but due to low allocation of budget on health and unavailability of medical equipment, they are disappointed.

I urge the government to take serious measures to eradicate Coronavirus outbreak from Punjab by enforcing lockdown and curfew because the long existence of Coronavirus can damage our economy which is already under the ebb.



A crisis within a crisis


Due to nationwide lockdown including Karachi, various hospitals and blood banks are facing a shortage of blood for the children suffering from Thalassemia. No doubt, the ongoing pandemic COVID-19 is currently the biggest challenge of our country and for our government also.

As of Monday 30 March the total tally of confirmed cases also rises to more than 1,865 and 28 recoveries and the death toll rises to 21 as 7 more patients die on Monday. In this situation, the lockdown was the only option to save lives, but at the same time, sufficient blood supply is just as important for the children fighting against Thalassemia.

While talking to media, A doctor from the prominent hospital of the city said, continued unavailability of blood could lead to a number of deaths of children suffering from Thalassemia. Timely blood supply can help improve life expectancy and the quality of life of patients suffering from the disease.

According to an estimated medical survey, Pakistan has a high burden of Thalassemia and according to estimate, 5000 children are born with Thalassemia each year and 70,000 patients are registered with the disease. I request the authorities to take prompt action to save the lives of Thalassemia patients and ensure the availability of blood for them.



Deliberately disobeying


I offer some brief observation, Sindh province has announced that all the governmental and private educational sectors will be closed till March 13 as a precautionary measure from the outbreak of COVID-19. But many private educational institutions are opened secretly without paying attention to the government’s commands and realising the risks involved in it. A number of private schools have been sealed in these 4 days because schools are opened in the evening time instead of morning and pupils are asked to saunter the school in a civil dress so that they can distract both government and individuals around by elucidating that it is a tuition center.

I would request all the private sector not to play with the lives of our nation just for a little benefit. Laws and government decisions protect us so must be obeyed.




Covid-19 & villagers


Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease that is affecting most of the people not only in other countries but also in Pakistan. The confirmed cases in Pakistan are 2,039. Besides, there are some common symptoms of this virus, like fever, cough, and breathing difficulties. There are measures we can take to remain safe, such as washing hands frequently, maintaining social distance and staying at home. In Pakistan, people who are living in cities have information about COVID-19 because they have internet facility and they are being informed on a daily basis by social media. However, it is difficult for those who are living in villages. If coronavirus arrives in villages, the villagers will be the most affected people in Pakistan.

It is a request to concerned authorities to initiate awareness programmes and to address the internet issue in villages.




Women’s might


A large number of events and celebrations were held on International Women’s Day. Women were also appreciated for their contribution to the country’s economy. However, we still have a long way to go before women are empowered in the true sense.

We are living in a patriarchal society, where men consider it their responsibility to make key decisions about a woman’s life. The literacy rate among girls is alarmingly low. This is because men, in particular, don’t want the girls to study. This is why the country has yet to emerge from the scourge of child and forced marriages.

We need to eliminate this oppressive and dominating attitude held towards women. A girl should be allowed to make her own decisions. Women’s empowerment should not only be restricted to allowing a woman to leave the four walls of her house to work. We have to let her voice her opinions.