ISLAMABAD  - Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Syed Aminul Haq said that there was a dire need of unity among Treasury and Opposition to deal with infectious Coronavirus [COVID-19] in  current tremulous time in the country.

“In this tremulous time situation in Pakistan due to Coronavirus [COVID-19] could be controlled only by mutual work of all the political parties of country,” said the minister for Information Technology Aminul Haq, talking to The Nation.

He said that his party would participate in parliamentary committee on Coronavirus to share its input to avoid spread of Coronavirus in different parts of country, revival of economic situation and improvement of health activities in the country.

“MQM-P Convenor Khalid Maqbol Siddiqui would himself participate in the parliamentary committee on Coronavirus [COVID-19] to share his suggestion,” he said, responding a question about parliamentary committee on Coronavirus.

About assuming new charge as a minister IT, he said the parliamentary committee would definitely chalkout some work plan for the working of standing committee and other important affairs.

Syed Aminul Haq spokesman of MQM-P has recently taken charge as Information Technology and Telecommunication as party’s convener Khalid Maqbol Siddiqui distanced himself from federal cabinet. PTI’s senior leadership with the consultation of Prime Minister Imran assured to address the reservations of MQM-P then Syed Aminul Haq was given the responsibility of a Minister IT.

About the working of his party in Coronavirus crisis, Minister IT said MQM-P has reactivated the Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation (KKF), to help the needy people affected by the lockdown in the city.

“My party has intensified its welfare activities by providing free food and rations in different areas,” said MQM-P’s spokesman/ IT Minister mentioning that the party has also collected blood bottles for the treatment of thalassemia patients in lockdown days.

He said party announced suspending its political activities as all party workers playing an active role in the relief activities under the KKF’s. “All the party’s workers including MNAs and MPAs along with their local government bodies’ representatives are also carrying out the welfare work, he said.

About lockdown situation, Minister said that his party has also requested district leadership and philanthropists to provide free cooked food to the needy people in crisis situation. He said the workers of the party were distributing food items among the residents.

About joining tiger force announced by Prime Minister of Pakistan, he said the party has yet to decide about asking their members to join tiger force. “ My party has already started its work in different constituencies by collecting commodities and food items and distribute in needy people of the area, he said. “Of course Corona virus is a big global challenge, but by adopting preventive measures it spread could be avoided,” he said adding that Pakistanis can win the war against infectious virus with coordinated efforts.