KHYBER - District administration, Khyber in­troduced mobile testing service for corona suspects aimed curtain­ing spread of the deadly disease in remotes areas.

District Health Officer (DHO), Khyber, Dr Tariq Hayat, said on Sunday that a health department team comprising doctors and two paramedic staff would visit the re­mote areas of the district in case of getting information about any corona suspects. The team would collect samples in larger scale and send the same to the Peshawar laboratory.

He added that in the first phase one vehicle of the health department has been allocated for this purpose and later on rescue teams would also be assigned the same duty.

The mobile van was equipped with all necessary needs. Howev­er, he added that they lack testing kits and the demand for it had al­ready been forwarded to the de­partment.

Meanwhile, local health officials took samples of 16 COVID-19 sus­pects and sent to Peshawar for lab test.

DHO Tariq Hayat said that test of the suspects have been sent to the lab and till receiving their results, all the 19 suspects have been quar­antined in the Headquarters Hos­pital, Landi Kotal.