ISLAMABAD-The residents of federal capital urged the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration to implement the rate list approved by Islamabad Market Committee (IMC) of fruits and vegetables as the shopkeepers were charging extra prices on every item.

During the visit to various fruit and vegetable shops in the markets of federal capital and adjacent housing societies of Islamabad, the vendors were found violating the rate lists provided by the IMC on daily basis.

The residents said that the administration should take steps for implementing the rate list in true letter and spirit and penalise the violators to curb the menace of self-imposed inflation by the fruits and vegetables vendors.

The IMC has fixed the price of apples Kala KuloIrani at Rs182/149 per kg but the shopkeepers were charging Rs200-250 per kg. The rate of Pakistani banana on the list was Rs98/79 per dozen but the market price was about Rs130.

Similarly, guava price was Rs75/60 per kg but the market rates was around Rs120, strawberry rate was Rs120/94 per kg while the vendors were charging Rs210, kino price was Rs149/116 per dozen while the market rate was Rs220 per dozen.

Vegetables were also being sold at exorbitant prices.

According to the IMC approved rate list, onion price was Rs65/55 per kg while its market price was Rs85, tomato was Rs24/21 per kg while its market price was Rs48, lemon price was Rs88/77 per kg while its market price wasRs 110 per kg, peas are Rs51/42 per kg while it was sold atRs 80.

Hassan Talal, a businessman who was purchasing vegetables from a shop in Soan Gardens, said that shopkeepers would not even listen if their attention was drawn towards difference in prices written on the IMC approved rate list.

He said that a low income person cannot even think to purchase fruits as the rates of fruits and vegetables were so high.

When contacted, an official in ICT administration said that committees headed by a magistrate have been formed in Islamabad to conduct surprise visits to different sectors and check prices of the commodities.

Meanwhile, Islamabad Market Committee has announced price list of vegetables and fruits for the markets of the federal capital and asked the people to lodge complaints against the profiteers and hoarders.

The spokesman requested to observe this checklist and inform the authorities at 051-4867762; 051-9108084 in case of any grievance towards the shopkeepers.