KARACHI - The FBI and other US agencies have been torturing Dr Aafia Siddiqui mentally and physically for the last five years and she should be immediately released, demanded her sister Dr Fauzia Siddiqui. Addressing a news conference at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) along with Iqbal Haider, Co-chairman Human Rights Commission of Pakistan on Tuesday, she said Dr Aafia was taken in custody by the US agencies in 2003. The governments of United States and Pakistan, officially, denied her arrest. An application for the recovery of Dr Aafia from secret agencies was pending with the Supreme Court of Pakistan, she said. Fauzia said when some time back her family contacted the US authorities for demanding her release, they were warned to keep a mum over the issue if they wanted to see her alive. She asked why the US government failed to produce Aafia before the court soon after her arrest in 2003 for allegedly keeping chemical and biological weapons. "My sister never committed terrorism. She was never involved in such activities," Fauzia asserted, adding she was an innocent woman, and competent professional in her field. "What a mockery that after five years in detention Aafia is suddenly discovered in Afghanistan," Fauzia said and added "I decided to break my silence to say that one is innocent until proven guilty. My sister is innocent and has never been actually accused of any crime." She continued "Aafia was tortured for five years until one day US authorities announced that they have found her in Afghanistan, which shows how they abused their power and tortured an innocent woman." The family has no news of Siddiqui's three children, who went missing with her, she said. Fauzia further said the family had received death threats warning them not to talk about the case. "Our lives are in serious danger," she feared and added "We are receiving threats through phone calls and SMS not to discuss or pursue Aafia's case. I do not know who are the people threatening us," she said. Dr Aafia was tortured at Bagram Base detention centre in Afghanistan by the US agencies along with her three sons for five years, Fauzia said adding their family even did not know whether she was dead or alive. HRCP leader Iqbal Haider said Dr Aafia would be produced before Magistrate Judge of Southern District of New York under fabricated charges of being arrested by Ghazni police in Afghanistan on July 17, 2008 for allegedly possessing chemical weapons and on July 18, 2008, shooting at FBI officials in the custody room. Haider said it was mentioned in the charge sheet that Dr Aafia was arrested along with a teen-age boy (her son) but no charges were levelled against the arrested boy. He said the media reports had confirmed the US agencies had picked Aafia up along with her three children from Karachi in 2003, and after international pressure the US government was compelled to admit taking her in custody. He asked if she had been arrested for keeping chemical weapon, why she was not prosecuted in 2003. Haider added the US State Department had been denying the arrest of Dr Aafia since last five years but now the FBI had admitted that she was in American custody. He said the Judge Magistrate of Southern District of New York must inquire from US officials about the whereabouts of three sons of Dr Aafia. The magistrate should ensure access of human rights lawyers to Dr Aafia, he said, adding the court should also ensure to not sending her to notorious torture centre at Guantanamo Bay. He said the US on one hand was claiming herself to be the champion of liberty and human rights, but on the other hand it was involved in the heinous crimes and worst violation of human rights, adding the victimisation of Dr Aafia Siddiqui under fabricated charges along with her three sons and her inhuman torture is just a single example of this mentality. Dr Aafia's family had contacted the HRCP for her recovery and the organisation has decided to raise voice for her release, he added. Iqbal Haider said Pervez Musharraf has written in his book "In the Line of Fire" that he had handed over many persons to the USA and get money for the country, adding Dr Aafia was also handed over by local authorities to the Americans. The latest blame of the FBI against Dr Aafia that she married Al-Qaida leader Ali Abdul Azeez was also a fabricated and untrue charge, he said. Dr Fauzia and Iqbal Haider handed over copies of charge sheet against Dr Aafia Siddiqui to newsmen. According to the charge sheet, Mehtab Syed, a Special Agent of the FBI states that on or about July 18, 2008, Aafia Siddiqui, the defendant, who will be first brought to and arrested in the Southern District of New York, unlawfully, wilfully and knowingly did attempt to kill officers and employees of the United States and agencies in the executive branch of the United States Government by obtaining a US Army officer's M-4 rifle and fired it at officers and employees of the FBI and the United States armed services. He further said in charge sheet on or about the evening of July 17, 2008, Ghazni Province Afghanistan Police (ANP) discovered a Pakistani woman, later identified as Siddiqui along with a teenage boy, outside the Ghazni governor's compound, possessing numerous documents describing the creation of explosives, chemical weapons, and other weapons involving biological material and radiological agents. The agent charges, on July 18, 2008, FBI special agents arrived at the Afghan facility where Aafia Siddiqui, the defendant, was being held and she fired on the officials after obtaining a rifle of one of them. Aafia fired two shots but no one was hit. One of the officials returned fire with a 9-mm service pistol and fired approximately two rounds at Siddiqui's torso, hitting her at least once, the FBI agent claimed.