ISLAMABAD (APP) - South Africa and surrounding countries are interested in importing Pakistani tractors and their parts, officials in the Engineering Development Board said here on Tuesday. The Pakistani Trade Office in South Asia has been receiving queries in this regard on daily basis, this was revealed in a meeting of sub-committee on fiscal issues-indigenization, formed under Auto Industry Development Programme (AIDP) by Engineering Development Board (EDB). The representative of the major motorcycle manufacturing companies in the country told the meeting that they were about to make a breakthrough in African market with signing of an agreement regarding exports of motorcycles. However, the committee felt that the progress on export front was very slow and the industry should take remedial measures to increase it in order to offset trade deficit. It requested its sister committee on exports to thoroughly analyze the situation and recommend measures. The auto industry expressed its concern on new tax measures introduced in the current budget and described these as detrimental to their growth. The industry is preparing a working paper on adverse affects of the current budget, which will be submitted to EDB shortly. Representatives of Ministry of Industries and Production will be involved in the preparation of the paper. The participants of the meeting stressed that EDB needed to play an active role in reducing communication gap between industry and government for effective policy implementation. The committee also expressed its dissatisfaction on speed of indigenization in the industry and advised EDB to collect data in order to judge whether Tariff Based System (TBS) has given impetus to indigenization programme or not. It also underlined the need of planning a substitute system, which could replace TBS after 2012.