Please refer to the letter by Mr. B.A. Malik titled 'Overboard peacenik' that appeared in your Readers' Column on July, 19, 2008. The fact is that the Kashmir dispute was lost by our leaders while negotiating the return of our prisoners of war at Simla. The POWs stranded in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) were allowed to return subject to certain conditions. ZA Bhutto had no choice but to accede to the smiling vixen he was confronting. The question at stake was the lives of thousands of POWs living in most torturous conditions. Any delay in their release would have brought devastating consequences. . Signing Simla Agreement meant remaining quiet on the issue of Kashmir in future. Alternatively India had the option to keep our jawans as POW in Bangladesh, as long as it wanted to. Leaving POWs at the mercy of India was unthinkable. We need to remember that our leaders were quite careless in their handling of the situation in East Pakistan. India played a major role in separating our Eastern wing, why else would it rush her troops inside our territory. It was a scheme well planned on which RAW had been working for a very long time. Dacca Fall was one of the major achievement of India and they were in a position to dictate their terms. With the Simla Agreement, we lost Kashmir. -MASHKOOR A. KHAN, Rawalpindi Cantt., via e-mail, July 21.