This is with reference to Mr Humayun Gauhar's article in The Nation on July 20. Quaid-e-Azam was the top ranking legal expert of pre-partition India. He successfully advocated the Two-Nation theory as a constitutional basis for Pakistan in the 1946 elections. The great man got us this country through ballot. Most of his important colleagues were barristers or lawyers of eminence. We should realise the sanctity of ballot and respect it if we want to exist as a nation. We should not forget the disastrous consequences of preferring bullet to the ballot in 1971. Mr Gauhar's articles absorb attention. He has the right to write in favour of Gen Musharraf, whom he considers indispensable for this country. But the fact remains that most of the problems we face today surfaced during the arbitrary rule of one man, Musharraf. His exit now will have salutary effect on efforts for a systemic solution. Mr Gauhar says, "The President and the army can always act if the country is in danger or thousands are dying of hunger". But the question is "Whose policies have created this situation?" -KHWAJA MUHAMMAD BASHIR BUTT, Muzaffarabad, July 3.