A funny thing happened to Barack Obama on the way to Palestine  recently - he chose to forget that there were Palestinians there who had lived and suffered grievously under a foreign occupation for 40 years. In Israel, he visited Sderot, the town abutting the Gaza border, to express solemn sympathy for the 13 civilians killed there by Gazan militants in recent years, making no reference to the fact that this would equal the number of Palestinians killed by Israelis on a slow weekend. In the West Bank, where his motorcade skirted that wall of hate snaking in places for miles into Palestinian territory, and where for four decades Palestinians have had to endure checkpoints, land expropriation, curfews and collective punishment, there was nary a word of commiseration for the victims.-Fawaz Turki, Gulf News, August 2, 2008 But do not be surprised. This is the real America. This is the real American politics. This is the real Barak Obama, the veritable American politician brought up in a country where politics towards non-Western nations is intrinsically cold-blooded and barbaric. Obama's political behaviour in Palestine is a testimony to a continuum of a mindset that is set to remain untouched and unchanged for future global politics. Obama or no Obama in the White House next January, the US covert and overt aggression against many Muslim nations in general and most specifically in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan will continue unabated. The point is that there is a lesson to be learned here (in Obama's behaviour) for the incumbent PPP leadership in control of political management in Pakistan. The Peoples Party leaders are suffering from an illusion, intentionally or unintentionally, that by declaring the so-called War On Terror as its "own war," they will pacify the US and, consequently, American military power built up in Afghanistan which further involves Pakistan in a political-military conflict with its neighbour will cease to exist. This is purely an illusive view and is certainly not going to happen. The fact of the matter is that America has neither the intellectual depth nor the ideological potential or the moral bearing for a fundamental change in its global political behaviour. The American political establishment is historically plagued with phobic insanity and is unable to make sensible rational humane judgements when it comes into conflicts with other nations and their resolutions. The American way is to deal with conflicting parties with absolute toughness. This lack of moral, rational and humanitarian judgement vs. toughness separates the American political civilisation and culture from any other civilisation globally. It is because of this fundamental error in their intrinsic view of life and their perspective on the nature of intra-nation politics that Americans have waged war after war all over the world. The brutal use of force, killings, destruction, subversion and plundering against their self-proclaimed enemies (may they be communists, socialists, Talibans, Muslims, etc) is a natural corollary of their own sense of existence. Winning and prevailing over others is what matters - the means to this end, no matter how destructive, do not count at all. In fact, as history bears witness, Americans take emotional solace (John McCain: bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran) and psychological satisfaction in inflicting pain on other human beings and nations (we will bomb you into the Stone Age - Cambodia and Laos during Vietnam war). Humanity is of no consequence. The trouble with the incumbent PPP government and its top leadership is that they are as much committed to American appeasement and towing US policies, internally as well as in foreign policy, as Pervez Musharraf's regime was (and as he still is). The so-called neo-liberals pseudo-political intellectuals of the PPP leadership are wrong in assuming that accepting American dollars will alleviate national economic problems and that accommodating US establishment on its so-called War On Terror will be a resolution to the Pak-Afghan crisis (as the PM has publicly stated that the War On Terror is Pakistan's own war). Neither of these two fundamental issues are going to be resolved with this political strategy. The way out of this nightmarish quagmire is to confront Americans on their prevailing world view and point out to them face-to-face (instead of humbly submitting to their demands for appeasement) the mistakes they are making in their global political conduct. The Americans need to be told that since the present-day world has changed drastically, their perspectives on international relations need to be changed, fundamentally. The US must be told that they cannot continue to deal with selective leadership in the Third World countries (of their own choice and propped up by them) and always have their way. The contemporary political reality is that the masses all over the world want to have their say in national politics. Hence, rightfully and morally in post-February 18 Pakistan, the US will have to conduct itself within the democratic structure and dispensation of this country. Nothing else is acceptable to the Pakistani people - indeed, it is the democratic right of the 165 million citizens of this country (whether America likes it or not is of no consequence). The PPP leadership is obligated to tell the Americans the harsh truth (bluntly and clearly) of the so-called War On Terror and the problematic of the Afghan issue: that militarily pursuing the so-called "terrorists" is a conceptual mistake. The problem lies within the American psyche itself, in its inability to understand the nature of the conflict and its dogmatic uncompromising agenda of global capitalistic domination. The Americans need to be told what the eminent columnist Patrick Seale wrote recently on Al-Qaeda, the Afghan issue and Pakistan: These men, and many of their co-religionaries in the wider Muslim world, are angry because of America's War On Terror. For many of them, it has meant the presence of an "infidel" army in Muslim lands, the vast disruption of their traditional way of life, the killing of their wives and children by US air strikes, the flourishing of cruelty and greedy warlords in outlying Afghan areas, and the rule in Kabul of President Hamid Karzai, seen as a Western puppet presiding over a corrupt and ineffective regime. To pursue the battle against Al-Qaeda by military means is to awaken these powerful tribal and Muslim resentments - as well as to threaten the already precarious stability of Pakistan, a Muslim nuclear power of 165 million people locked in a dangerous confrontation with India in both Kashmir and Afghanistan. Let it be said: the people of Pakistan on February 18 elected the PPP to serve the nation - not to serve American interests... Indeed, the PPP leadership has completely failed in its mandate so far.... How else can the political chaos in the country be explained...? The writer is a professor, political analyst and conflict-resolution expert E-mail: hl_mehdi@hotmail.com