TUNIS (AFP) - Libyan leader Moamer Gaddafi on Tuesday warned Iran that it faces military humiliation on the scale of Iraq for its refusal to respond to western powers over a nuclear impasse. "What Iran is doing stems simply from arrogance," Gaddafi said during a visit to Tunisia after Tehran ignored another western deadline to accept an incentives package in exchange for full transparency on its nuclear drive. "In the event of a decision against Iran, this country will suffer the same outcome as Iraq... Iran is not any stronger than Iraq and won't have the means to resist (a military attack) on its own," Gaddafi said. "The challenges are greater and exceed Iran's ability to reply," he added, speaking on the third day of his visit. Like Iran and Iraq before it, Libya was for years pressured by the west over its nuclear and chemical weapons ambitions and capabilities before finding common ground in 2003.