ISLAMABAD (APP) - An exhibition of paintings, drawings and prints by various artists is continuing here at Nomad Art Gallery (NAG). Over 50 art pieces have been displayed by artists including Nahid Raza, Usman Ghauri, Meher Afroz, Samina Ali, Anjum Ayub, Nina Amin, A Q Arif, Moazzam Ali, Mehmood  Ali and Nadeem Ahmed. Nina Amin's calligraphic works are among the major attractions of the display that highlight her passion for calligraphy in different styles on fine pieces with splendid and wonderful manifestations presenting ideal compositions. The self taught artist has worked in different mediums including sculptures while the current work is based on oil on canvas and calligraphic techniques. She has an excellent control on the medium of oil colours when expressing the beauty of Eastern culture in vibrant colours and beautiful images. Her techniques of calligraphy style also includes the verses adorned with floral and geometrical patterns in the oriental tradition depicting a complete crafty art panel. The artist has also exhibited her paintings at prominent places abroad through solo and group shows portraying her professional skills. Anjum Ayub has used the medium of print making with the techniques of etching, dry point, aquatint, sugar lift and mix media. Portraying deep tones of colours, Anjum has used floral symbols to showcase the life of women. The works of A Q Arif depict old buildings in monochromatic tones featuring blues, ochers and greys. Using the medium of acrylics, Nadeem Ahmed's work focus the Sufi traditions, festivals, architectural heritage and people of Pakistan. Few of his themes are based on Sufi poetry depicting creative and experimental work while the portrayal of festivals also reflect city scapes of Lahore. The artist uses soft colours to give his work a pure display of Sufism with the traditional touch of Pakistani buildings. The paintings of Samina Ali contain poetic visuals whereby the imagery and symbols applied in her work have a purely eastern and historical context. However, the manner in which she constructs the mix-media compositions, exhibits a highly contemporary sensibility with richness of character and surface through colours and her own writing. Meher Afroz's lonely work depicts the fractured space, forms and rhythms in her etching technique which unburdens her imagination and diligently indexing thoughts in current suite of soft-ground prints. While the exhibited "Poshak - series" is a symbol of truth and perseverance leading to spiritual firmness through the presentation of black and white conceptual prints. Among the print makers, Usman Ghauri has exhibited his work titled "Khamoshi Say Mukalma" in black and white look. Highlighting women issues, Nahid Raza's work is based on a blend of bright and dull shades that show the darkness in the life of women. The exhibition will continue till August 19.