PESHAWAR - The country's security agencies have submitted a report to both central and provincial governments in which they revealed that majority of weapons being used in the terrorist activities in parts of NWFP are of Indian-made, TheNation has learnt reliably on Tuesday. The revelation came in fore at the time when President Pervez Musharraf, few days back during his visit to Balochistan, also accused India of helping terrorists in the province. Security forces have recovered Indian-made arms from the possession of miscreants in the restive Swat district. These weapons are similar in structure with weapons being used for the security of Indian Embassy in Kabul. It is also said that explosive packed car recovered by security forces in Charsada was allegedly having an Indian label. These latest developments confirmed that weapons come to Pakistan from India through Afghanistan. Meanwhile, a person was killed and 11 others sustained critical injuries on Tuesday amidst the security forces continuous firing on the hideouts of the militants with gunship helicopter in Tehsil Kabal and Tehisl Matta. During the daylong curfew from 6:00am to 7:00pm, the security forces targeted the position of militants in Fewchar, Numal, Gut Showar and Kabal area where one person identified as Sher Afzal was killed while 11 others sustained serious injuries. All the injured persons were rushed to Saidu Sharif hospital. Moreover, Taliban spokesman Haji Mulsim Khan contradicted the killing of their 94 colleagues and confirmed that only 10 of their colleagues were killed so far and eight others were injured during the last five days of operation. He claimed that they had destroyed two official vehicles in Sijband area of Matta Tehsil.   Taliban also threatened that they would attack Ghaligi police station, where heavy contingent of police and FC had already been deployed. Meanwhile, two persons were killed and five houses collapsed as a result of heavy rain and thunderstorm in Rori Negar and Pashtoni area of Thesil Matta.   Those killed were identified as Ajab Khan and Jamhir Khan, residents of Pashtoni. Besides this the heavy rain severely damaged standing crops and dozens of cattle of the area dwellers. Online adds: Unidentified militants have fired five rockets at Army Colony and three at a nearby airport in South Waziristan on Tuesday. According to details, five rockets were fired at the Zeri Noor Army Colony in Wana, the capital city of South Waziristan. Two rockets fell inside the Colony premises hitting the power transformer as a result of which the power of the whole area got suspended. The other three rockets fell in a ground near the Colony. Another three rockets were fired at the airport, situated near the Army Colony. All the three rockets blasted near the airport building without causing any harm to human life. Security Forces held a 'pay back' action against unidentified militants that was started at 5:00am with both heavy and light arms.