ISLAMABAD - The internees who have completed their internship since March 2008 and onwards, will get internship certificates this month, confirmed Ashiq Hussain Abassi, Director General (DG) National Internship Programme (NIP), while talking to TheNation. "Internship certificates would be handed over to all those internees who have completed their one-year internship under NIP", he said, "We are about to compile their annual performance evaluation reports and very soon they would get the result of their one year performance", he added. While having his say about the delay in internship certificates to be handed over to internees, the DG said that the certificates are be given to internees after a detailed process of evaluation and monitoring. The passing-out internees would be classified according to the grades they have attained. The grading criterion is based on attendance, performance, and monthly reports of internees along with their annual performance reports. "Its very extensive and lengthy process to classify an internee on the prescribed lines so that merit is not ignored and everyone gets his just share. It's justifiable if we took a little longer to evaluate internship certificates", he added. Extending the details of the upcoming batch, the DG mentioned that 52,439 applications have been considered as eligible for NIP out of a total of 71,915. "We have received 44,207 applications online, and 27,710 applications by post. After detailed scrutiny, the selected applications are sent to Higher Education Commission (HEC) for verification", he stated while adding that HEC has cleared 11,000 application that would be sent to NADRA for further verification from NADRA to ascertain the veracity of CNIC's of the applicants. "All these steps have been taken to determine cent percent merit without any manipulation and distortion of facts pertaining to applicants," he said. In addition, Ashiq Hussain said that those candidates have been disqualified who are either over age, or who have less than 16 years of education along with those who have already availed NIP, besides the ones having fake academic credentials and CNIC's. The internees who pass through the process of scrutiny and verification are placed in government sector, autonomous corporations and district government. "The internees that are selected under NIP are placed in federal and provincial governmental departments, autonomous bodies and district governments", observed the DG. "Our internees have assumed valuable responsibilities in Supreme Court of Pakistan, Steel Mills, Utility Stores, OGDC, and other well- reputed organizations". Highlighting the distinctive features of the internship programme, DG NIP asserted that latest and most sophisticated softwares are used to reject irrelevant and unauthentic applications. Moreover, the applicants are required to fill in a simple application form either online or manually. "The internship candidates are required to submit their attested documents on the date of joining of their respective departments, and internees are placed in different departments according to the relevance of their qualification", he added. This is the only paid internship programme in Pakistan with the maximum tenure of one year" he claimed. Also, Abassi mentioned that candidates are at liberty to quit NIP anytime, if they get some other job or if they want to leave on account of other reasons. "The candidates selected for NIP are treated like officers and they are given worth mentioning tasks. Our internees have performed exceptionally well in the field of information technology (IT), finance and other advanced sectors," he added while arguing, "Our extremely encouraging treatment motivates the youth to strive for contributing in serving the country". It is pertinent to note that the leading international institutions like World Bank (WB) are offering internship monthly stipends of around Rs 9,000 to internees, compared to Rs 10,000 paid under NIP on monthly basis. "The stipend amount that we are offering is second to none, we are determined to promote NIP with honesty, integrity and transparency. The NIP aims at minimising the burden of unemployment", concluded the chief of NIP.