ISLAMABAD - The question whether Inter Services Intelligence is under Prime Minister or reporting to the  Interior Ministry dominated the ongoing law and order debate in the Upper House on Tuesday. The issue of placing ISI under the Minister of Interior dominated the discussion over the law and order situation in the Senate. The joint Opposition also staged token walkout against the statement of Leader of the House, Mian Raza Rabbani, in which he had said that the secret agency was still functioning under the Prime Minister. Senator Javed Ashraf Qazi of PML-Q said that the notification regarding placing ISI under the Interior Minister had not so far been cancelled, therefore, he said, the statement of the Leader of the House was misleading and an attempt to hide the facts. Senator Wasim Sajjad said that the spy agency should not be destroyed, by placing the same under Ministry of Interior. Instead, he suggested, intelligence committees of the Cabinet and Parliament should be constituted to look after the affairs of ISI. Federal Law Minister, Farooq H Naek Tuesday told the Senate that the government was sincere in restoration of judges and freedom of press. Responding to the allegations levelled by Senator Tariq Azeem, who accused the government of blocking out transmission during a private TV's talk show, Naek said that the government was committed to ensuring the freedom of expression. He said that the coalition government had presented a bill in National Assembly to abolish PEMRA's black laws, which he said was a sign of the present government's respect for freedom of media. The Law Minister refuted that he had ever given the statement that the deposed judges would have to take fresh oath from President Musharraf and said that he was misquoted. He said that the government was sincere in restoration of all the deposed judges.   Senator Haji Adeel said that the US government always preferred dictators and offered them red-carpet reception because it was easy for them to deal with a single person. He said US government never supported democratically elected governments in Pakistan and said that White House had a number of times rejected Quaid-e-Azam's request for loan. He said the US may not give military aid to Pakistan, but should help us to improve our economy by opening its markets for Pakistani exports. Regarding ISI, Senator Adeel said that the secret agency should function as subordinate and obedient organization and follow whatever instructions were given by the government. Haji Adeel Ahmed, Senator ANP on Tuesday strongly criticized President Pervez Musharraf for strangling the country under the label of war against terror. He stressed the need for using routine flights rather than special planes to slash expenses when PM and his delegation are visiting abroad and refrain from staying in big hotels thus avoiding prolific expenditures. He demanded of the government to take pragmatic steps to come to the expectations of the masses and avoid misusing funds from the National Exchequer. Senator Abdur Raheem, while referring to the Prime Minister's statement that another 9/11 was being planned in the tribal areas of Pakistan, said that the Premier had rightly diagnosed the problem before its emergence. He said ISI was not following government's instructions and had devised a policy of its own. He criticized Taliban for burning female education institutes and said they were taking the nation back to the dark ages. Senator Dr Khalid Soomro said that President Musharraf had converted the country into a US colony and said that government was supporting the US in genocide of the Muslim Ummah in the name of war on terror. Senator S M Zafar called for restoration of judges through a brief constitutional amendment and said that the proposed constitutional package was further complicating the judges' issue. Senator Saleem Saifullah said that ratifying the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) was the greatest blunder done by the previous Cabinet and asked the coalition government to abolish the same. Senator Muhammad Anwar Bhinder said that there was no use of merely delivering speeches in the Senate. Rather, he said, the House should pass resolutions and forward recommendations to the government on the present situation of law and order in the country. PML-Q Senator, Yasmeen Shah made an accusation that three-member group headed by PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari was bringing bad name to ISI for the accomplishment of Indian agenda. She alleged that Hussain Haqqani had been associated with the Indian embassy prior to taking over as the Pakistani Ambassador to USA. "Hussain Haqqani was the "brain child" of (anti-State) conspiracies, Rehman Malik prepares plan while Asif Ali Zardari gives Rehman Malik's plans a practical shape," she added. Meanwhile, the remarks of Kamil Ali Agha created pandemonium in the Senate during the 'Fateha Khawani' of people who died in floods. Kamil Ali Agha passed the remarks that the government could do nothing but hold  'Fateha Khawani'. On this remark the treasury members protested against him and said that he was making a fun of the dead people because it was the part of religion to offer 'Fateha Khawani'. The Senate session started 40 minutes late, after the recitation of Holy Quran 'Fateha Khawani' was offered for former Deputy Speaker National Assembly Afzal Cheema and the people who died due to floods.