ISLAMABAD - Motorway Police have recovered nine vehicles, which were either stolen or snatched from different cities of country, and arrested 12 car-lifters, illegal arms & ammunitions have also been recovered from their custody. As per details, in first incident Motorway Police recovered a car on GT Road near Multan, which was snatched on gunpoint from Islamabad and was being shifted to Karachi after installing fake number plate. Three culprits named Riaz Ahmed, Ashiq Ali and Muhammad Yousaf were also arrested along with one 30-bore pistol, two magazines and many live rounds. Similarly, a white pick-up number IDS-8989, which was stolen from Mandra and the same, was recovered on M-1 while the car-lifter managed to escape the scene.  Another Suzuki pick-up number W-146 was also recovered on M-1 and one culprit named Juma Gul was arrested on the spot. In another incident a Suzuki Mehran car No LWQ-5328, which was snatched on gunpoint from Lahore was recovered on M-1 in the area of Burhan and two culprits named Muhammad younas and Muhammad Daud were arrested. Another Suzuki Cultus car No LRF-9360, which was also snatched from Lahore was recovered in the area of Rashakai on M-1 and three dacoits named Muhammad Sajid, Muhammad Arshad and Muhammad Ashraf were arrested. In another episode a Suzuki pick-up car No FDS-1330 that was stolen from Faisalabad was recovered on M-2 near Bhera and one culprit named Ghulam Muhammad who was driving the said car with fake number plate was arrested. Similarly, Suzuki mehran car number RLC-1715, which was snatched from Hassanabdal on gun-point was recovered on National Highway near Taxila, the culprit was escaped from the scene.   Another Suzuki Mehran car No ACH-103, that was stolen from the jurisdiction of Margalla Police Station was also recovered in the area of Taxila. A Corolla car No ALL-604 that was snatched on gunpoint from Okara was recovered on GT road near Jehangira and two car lifters named Mubashir and Pervez Khan were arrested by motorway police. Later on, the Motorway Police handed over the arrested Car-lifters along with the recovered cars and arms & ammunitions to the concerned Local Police for further legal action and investigation in the presence of the owners of cars. The Inspector General, National Highways & Motorway Police, Muhammad Raffat Pasha, has appreciated the performance of the officers who took part in these episodes and announced cash rewards and commendation certificates for them.