KARACHI - A new contract has been signed for the early completion of the remaining work on Awan-e-Riffat Faizee Rehmeen Art Gallery, The Nation learnt on Tuesday. The project is dedicated to the names of Faizee Rehmeen and Begum Atiya Faizee, the couple who devoted their lives for the promotion of art on the invitation of Quaid-e-Azam. The local government has earmarked a certain amount of money for the completion of the project but at the end of the financial year, it focused its attention on other schemes with the result that it remained incomplete. This year the CDGK decided to fulfil the project keeping in view the wishes of art lovers. City Nazim Mustafa Kamal had vowed that after addressing the civic problems with full motivation, the CDGK would concentrate on social sector. When contacted, city Nazim told The Nation, that the construction on Awan-e-Riffat was facing the same fate it has been suffering from for the last 18 years ago when the project was started. Mustafa Kamal said that the project was delayed due to lethargy of previous governments, but now all hurdles had been removed and the project would be completed soon. The city nazim further said that the project was delayed due to lethargy of previous governments besides litigation but now all hurdles in the construction of Awan-e-Riffat has been removed and orders has been issued for its early completion. He said that the completion of Awan-e-Rifat Faizee Rehmeen Art Gallery, which was delayed for many years, would a gift for artist community from the CDGK. The sources in the Works and Services department told that new contract for the construction of the remaining part of the Awan-e-Riffat building has been signed with Shamsi Builders for its early completion. A concerned official said that the construction work was slow due to monsoon, but he confirmed that it would not be left incomplete. The construction work on the Awan-e-Riffat was started in 1991 but in 1995, when 70 per cent construction completed, it was stopped for unknown reasons. At the Awan-e-Riffat Faizee Rehmeen Art Gallery, some 50 paintings of Faizee Rehmeen will be put on display. Its ground floor will also feature the personal hobbies of Attiya Begum and Faizee Rehmeen including coins of various countries, medals, specimens of calligraphy, handwritten copies of the Quran, jewelry and royal attires. It is worth mentioning here that Faizee Rahameen was a well-known painter of the Subcontinent, qualified from J J School of Arts Mumbai, India, in Art and Architecture. He migrated to Pakistan on the invitation of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah along with his wife Begum Atiya Faizee, also a renowned personality of her times and an exponent of Indian classical music and dance. She wrote books an Indian music and organised the first conference of Indian classical music in 1916 at Baroda. She was also a true social worker and an accomplished educationalist, who opened many schools in the Subcontinent and established many industrial homes for women.