THE Haj Policy for the current year has run into a lot of flak from public circles mainly because of the huge increase in expenditure the performance of this religious obligation would involve. There is widespread dismay particularly among those who have been trying to save up enough money bit by bit over the years to be able to defray the expense. It is a great pity that the authorities did not take into account the feelings of such persons before they decided to raise the cost per person by 40 percent. Thus, the announcement by Advisor to Prime Minister on Religious Affairs Syed Hamid Saeed Kazmi to that effect has overshadowed the promised increase in the number of persons going for Haj this year. Reservations have been expressed about other aspects of the policy as well, according to which the government has allocated a good number of seats to certain influential quarters. Besides, the practice of sending people to Haj at government expense has to be reviewed to make sure that affluent sections of society are not the beneficiaries.