PESHAWAR (PPI) - Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Tuesday claimed that Taliban have a strong network in Karachi and watching the situation carefully, adding that, they could surface in the industrial hub of Pakistan if law and order situation in the city was further spoiled. "We are very strong in Karachi; our network could come in action once the central Amir of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan ordered Taliban for action. We want to help improve law in order and maintain peace in Karachi. Taliban could surface in Karachi if the foreign hands were not stopped to interfere in the city," Spokesman TTP Maulvi Umar told PPI while calling from unknown destination. The TTP spokesman while reacting to MQM's chief Altaf Hussain's statement said he (Altaf Hussain) was an 'agent' of India and Taliban have been carefully monitoring the influence of foreign hands in Karachi. "We would not allow the foreign agents like Altaf to damage Pakistan's integrity. Taliban not Altaf would live in Karachi," he warned. Maulvi Umar, however, dispelled the possibility of Taliban' s emergence in Karachi saying that Taliban would follow the instructions of its chief Baitullah Mehsud and Baitullah at present had no intentions to order Taliban for any such action. TTP spokesman warned to launch suicide attacks in the peaceful areas of NWFP, particularly in Peshawar, Mardan, and Charssada and in DIKhan in case govt launched any operation in Bajaur and Mohmand Agency. The Spokesman said Taliban would focus on the settled areas of NWFP and would open new war zones in all districts of the province as a reaction to Fata operation. "We would fight our war in settled areas of NWFP, we have trained our suicide bombers to targets the settled parts of NWFP, we will do all this as compulsion to response govt offensive against Taliban," Umar remarked. Umar said ANP had 'cheated' Taliban in Swat and the nationalist was following the 'instruction of USA' as its chief Asfandyar totally changed his stance after meeting with British and US officials. "We wanted to shift our war from NWFP to Punjab but the policy makers of Punjab were clever to shift it to NWFP again and for this ANP have played a crucial role," he remarked, added that, ANP was firing from the same gun that was used by Gen (r) Musharraf against the Taliban. TTP Spokesman strongly rejected the reports that Taliban Chief had written a letter asking for medical aid for the treatment of Al-Qaeda leader Emanul Zawahiri and said that Baitullah had never used such a medium to convey messages as he had many other options for this. USA, he said has always claimed Al-Qaeda leadership's presence whenever it attacked and bombed Fata giving examples of US attacks on Damadola and religious seminary in Bajaur. "USA always justified its attack in Fata by giving statements about the presence of Al-Qaeda and Hikmatyar's in Fata," he remarked to a questions. Taliban, he said wants to expel US and Nato from Afghanistan however as first priority Taliban would have to defend the country's borders and time would prove that they not the Pak Army had defended the country, he concluded.