HEAVY rains, non-existent drainage, rivers in spate and poor dwellings have joined hands to make life miserable in large parts of the country, from north to south, east to west. The weather pundits do not predict relief from the fury of the skies, which has taken more than thirty lives during the past 24 hours. More rains in areas already under siege of rising waters are on the cards. The low-lying areas are destined to suffer and longer, till days after the storms have turned into mild weather. To the already displaced and the suffering lot in Balochistan, Punjab and Sindh have been added the victims from the NWFP and Khyber Agency. Twenty-five persons, trying to find refuge from the drowning areas they were living in, have gone missing, presumed dead, as the boat they had boarded capsized near Peshawar. There are reports of thousands of mud houses collapsing, a large number of villages inundated and the residents either fleeing to safer sites or stranded marooned. A number have drowned. The train services stand disturbed and delayed from four to eight hours. Even the main streets and roads in posh areas of metropolitan towns have become impassable, as the rainwater has rushed to depressions dotting them all over. The authorities in crisis areas have started distributing tents and blankets and other goods needed in such calamities. Soon there will be promises of precautionary measures, of building embankments of river to contain them, wherever possible, laying adequate drainage system, etc. etc. Remember the 'resolve' to make Lahore more beautiful, neater and cleaner than Paris