KARACHI - MQM Rabita Committee deputy convener Dr Farooq Sattar on Tuesday said the confessional statement of Maulvi Umar, the spokesman for Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), is an eye-opener for those, who denied the MQM concerns about the Talibanisation of the city. Maulvi Umar, in his interview with BBC Urdu service, had admitted the presence of Taliban in Karachi and vowed to eliminate the vulgarity in the metropolis and enforce Shairah. Dr Sattar alleged that Taliban were hatching conspiracy to create ethnic and sectarian violence to sabotage the peace of city. He expressed these views while addressing a Press conference at Khursheed Memorial hall along with MQM Rabita Committee members, provincial ministers including Shoaib Ahmed Bukhari and Adil Siddiqui and others. Referring to recent statement of CM Sindh Qaim Ali Shah, Home Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza and some political and religious parties, he said that these people did not accept the concern of MQM about emerging threat of Talibanisation in Karachi and termed it as misinformation but now what would they say after the confessional statement of TTP leaders Maulivi Umar and Maulvi Faqeer Mohammad that Taliban were present in the metropolis as well as the Sindh province. Farooq Sattar demanded President Musharraf, PM Yousaf Raza Gilani, and other authorities concerned to take immediate notice of the confessional statement of Maulvi Umar and Maulvi Faqeer Mohammad about the presence of Taliban in the city to sabotage peace in the province. Quoting the statement of Naib Ameer of TTP, Maulvi Faqeer Muhammad in which he warned "if the operation continues against them in Swat, NWFP, they will take over the control in Karachi", Dr Sattar said that this would be the responsibility of the authorities concerned to adopt all possible measures to thwart the menace. He further said that the MQM had performed its responsibility by pointing out this conspiracy. "MQM will raise the issue in the provincial cabinet meetings and also discuss with coalition partners including the PPP, ANP and other parties about the prevailing threat of Talibanisation in the city", he added. To a query, the MQM leader hoped that after the confessional statement of TTP leaders about the presence of Taliban in the city, PPP being a democratic and progressive party, would take serious measures to fight the menace. Criticising the Jamaat-e-Islami for terming MQM's concerns, he said that people know better that the terrorists of Al-Qaeeda were detained from the houses of JI leaders adding that Taliban could also be hiding in such places.