I thank the President for taking notice and ordering inquiry on torching of houses of the Christian community of Korian village of Toba Tek Singh that resulted in homelessness of some 75 families. This is not the first time that the Christians have become victim of the wrath of the majority community of this country as many such incidents have occurred in the past also. On February 6, 1997, the residents of village Shanti Nagar had also faced the rampage of an angry mob that had torched homes of a number of Christians, burning many of them alive. Then again on November 12, 2005, churches, homes and a school were set on fire in Sangla Hill. Both these incidents went unnoticed without any inquiry. Many other incidents also took place in small, remote villages that, unfortunately, were not brought to the limelight. The President said in his second address to the parliament that the minorities were being drawn into the mainstream of national life. Indeed, the government deserves applause for reserving 5% quota for minorities in the federal government jobs. But that does not compensate for minorities being targeted by their fellow countrymen. One wonders why nobody is ever held accountable for incidents like these? -LUBNA THOMAS, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, August 2.