I belong to a very backward area of NWFP where it is very difficult to get quality education and make a professional career. I am from a lower middle class family as my father is a primary school teacher. I have worked very hard throughout my educational career and have gone through a lot of hardships for completing my degree in electrical engineering. Now, I have been selected for a European Union scholarship known as Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for a degree programme titled as 'European Masters in Vision & Robotics. Candidates from about 160 countries had applied for this scholarship this year. So my selection really boosted up my morale a lot and I see a bright future with a satisfying professional career ahead of me. According to the programme, my first semester will start on Sept. 14, 2009 in Edinburgh Scotland, but before that I will have to attend my induction week in France that will start on Sept. 7, 2009. I applied for my UK visa on 17th of June 2009 but am stuck up for now as its the 7th week since I applied for my visa but havent received a reply to my application yet. According to a notice given by the UK Border Agency in newspapers, the maximum processing time for the visa is five weeks. I am helpless and losing hope day by day as I am running short of time for applying for the French visa which also might take four or five weeks. I request the British High Commissioner in Islamabad through this letter to please process my case quickly as I dont want to lose this golden opportunity. -ASIM ANEES, Village & PO Seni Gumbat, Kohat, via e-mail, August 2.