ISLAMABAD-The beleaguered government is reportedly mulling to drop another power bomb on the loadshedding-stricken masses of the country by increasing the power tariff by two per cent in September with a view to minimising the subsidies, it has been learnt on Friday. The government has earlier planned to increase power tariff by two per cent in the ongoing month of August ,however, later the decision was put on hold for one month due to the advent to holy month of Ramazan, said an official of Finance Ministry while talking to The Nation ,adding, that it would now increase in September. According to the reports, the government would reduce the power subsidies by some Rs 12 to Rs 13 billion by increasing the tariff by two per cent and the said amount would be fetched from the helpless consumers. 'Increase in power tariff is essential as the deficit in power sector was on the rise, but the increase will be implemented at an appropriate time, said another senior official of the Finance Ministry when contacted to take his comment on the said issue. According to the officials, the government is giving some Rs 190 billion subsidies on power sector annually and the government has planned to withdraw this subsidy gradually. It is worth mentioning here that Minister-level committee, headed by Finance Minister Hafeez Shaikh was informed in last month that power tariff has to be increased by 12 per cent during the current fiscal year 2011-2012 with a view to minimising subsidies. Officials sources of the Finance and Power Ministries are of the opinion that despite increasing power tariff by 12 per cent during the ongoing fiscal year, the government would has to give Rs 50 billion subsidy to the consumers in the year 2011-2012. In the previous fiscal year 2010-11 alone, the government increased the power tariff by over 13 per cent in addition to the raise passed on to end consumers under the head of the automatic fuel adjustment mechanism. The fuel prices changed under the mechanism are passed on to the end consumers on a monthly basis.