KARACHI - Awami National Party (ANP) Sindh President, Shahi Syed, on Friday demanded of the constitutional role of Pakistan Army, saying that ANP would not support the unconstitutional role of Army. Shahi said the at ANP has demanded the Sindh government deploy the Army to recover the arms from Karachiites and take indiscriminate action against the terrorists. He said ANP would not support direct intervention of Army in the democratic government. He claimed that the unjust distribution of resources, ethnic and class division were the root causes of problems in Karachi. He demanded deployment of Army to hold the census and house counting process in the Sindh province. , saying that neither the government nor any political party will raise the voice for the deployment of Army for census. Shahi urged the government to empower police and provide them resources to encounter the problems, besides terminating police officials having political affiliations after scrutiny. He said that depoliticising police is necessary for the lasting peace of Karachi. He suggested the constitution of a think tank comprising intellectuals to propose their suggestion for the peace of Karachi and underlined the need for providing constitutional protection to these suggestions.