American Ambassador Cameron Munter, who is on a visit to Balochistan these days, observed in a meeting with the Speaker of Balochistan Assembly, Muhammad Aslam Bhootani, on Thursday and later the same day with Chief Minister Sardar Muhammad Aslam Raisani, that the province was very important for the US. Mr Munter added that his country was ready to render help in technical and other sectors, as required by the provincial government. Envoy Munters remark about the significance of Balochistan to the US and the offer of help for its uplift that would entail the presence of Americans on the projects for which it would be utilised, have caused great alarm among the people, who are already concerned at the dirty role the US agents or the CIAs contractors are playing in the province. There are also worrying reports that he has not been only meeting leaders of different political parties, but also the nationalist groups. While contacts with political figures are deemed proper for a diplomatic representative, approaches to the dissidents who have picked up arms against the established government of the day could not, under any rule, be justified. This also poses a serious question about the circumstances under which the authorities, to be exact the security agencies and the Foreign Ministry, gave him the permission to have meetings with the outlawed, separatists forces. One can well understand why in the eyes of the US, Balochistan holds significance. With the Chief Minister clearly denying the presence of the so-called Quetta Shura, Mulla Omar and Ayman al-Zawahiri in the province, the US should cease to have any interest there in the context of the war on terror. The fact is that it wants its agents on the ground to foment trouble in our neighbours and friends Iran and China as well as in Balochistan itself. That would enable them also to exercise its influence in running the affairs of the province, more particularly with regard to the strategically important Gwadar Port. In this way, the Americans intend blocking the legitimate Chinese attempts at having easier access to the world from this side. It is a matter of great shame that our leaders are facilitating the Americans designs not only against Pakistan, but also its closest allies, rather then preventing them to do so. Whether it is the turbulent Karachi, where Mr Munter also expressed the wish of the US the other day to play a role to sort things out, or the mineral-rich, strategically located Balochistan, where certain disaffected elements are disturbing the peace, the government should itself play a proactive role in restoring peace. We have had enough of the US help and cooperation; there is plenty of evidence spread over 63 years of Pakistans existence to establish how harmful it has been. We need no more of it. The Americans had better leave us alone now