LAHORE (APP) - Drivers of locomotives are responsible for unnecessary delay in the trains schedule, allege passengers. Talking to APP here on Friday, Chaudhry Abdul Majid, President of Daily Passengers Association, said that shortage of locomotive was a problem but drivers were also involved in delaying trains. He said that if any driver had to work more than eight hours, he was paid for extra time. He alleged that officers and workers of the department were harming the Railways by mismanagement and poor performance but no one took any notice. Abdul Majid said that drivers knew the PR was facing a financial crunch and instead of supporting the department, drivers first refused to operate any locomotive and wasted time but after wasting few hours they became ready to run the train to get continuation charges. He alleged that another reason behind the downfall of Railways was abuse of freedom by the unions, adding that unions intervention in administrative matters was adversely affecting the department and workers did not work properly under undue backing of union leaders. However, Sheikh Anwar, senior vice president of Pakistan Railways Employees (PREM) Union, said that no union leader supported any worker who was involved in any misconduct. Mir Muhammad Khaskheli, PR Chief Mechanical Engineer, said that no overtime was given to drivers and added that sometimes poor condition of the locomotive frustrated the drivers but overall staff was hard working and trying to operate trains despite shortage of locomotives, parts and funds. Meanwhile, Commissioner of Lahore Division Jawad Rafiq Malik visited various city areas to inspect arrangements and quality of services at Ramazan Bazaars on Friday. The Commissioner directed officials to ensure sufficient supply and quality of essential items through strict monitoring of shopkeepers at Ramazan Bazaars. Jawad Malik visited Ramazan Bazaars in Johar Town, Model Town, Makkah Colony, Garden Town and Kahna Nau. He expressed overall satisfaction on sufficient availability of flour, sugar and other essential items on comparatively less rates than the open market. He directed TMOs and special price magistrates to ensure checking of quality of every item before sale at shop in Ramzan Bazaar and also in the Fair Price shops. He said no compromise would be made on quality of fruit, meat, vegetables and other commodities.