After months of unending violence, lawlessness and killings, Karachi had its first day of relative peace on 4th August. All it took was a phone call from an Under Secretary Commonwealth Affairs of UK to the man who lives in London and other major stakeholders in this unfortunate city. Our rulers have no stakes in this country, other than their lust for political power or kickbacks, which explains their lack of commitment to maintain peace and bringour economy back on track. They and their families pay more taxes to the countries that they have chosen to move their assets to, than allthe taxesthat they pay in Pakistan. That is the unfortunate reality and cause for all the major ills that afflict Pakistan. Those who openly defy orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan would dare not confront a magistrate in their newly adopted countries of residence. It is absence of accountability andwrit of law,along with our tolerance for their role of pirates that has landed us into this mess. MALIK TARIQ ALI, Lahore, August 5.