I want you to close your eyes and imagine a popular hero of Pakistani youth The person who not only rewarded the Pakistani nation with the 1992 cricket world cup but also made Pakistans first fully-equipped and operational Cancer Hospital, the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre. This hospital is named after his mother who died from cancer. The first thing I always notice about him is that how philanthropic he would be because he treats people suffering the deadly disease, Cancer. And the exceptional thing about this is that he treats the poor people without charging a penny. Moreover he treats the poor people just like the rich ones who pay for their therapy. Even rooms and food are of the same type for all patients. Another thing which we should not forget to allude to is that Imran Khan used every penny he got from his cricketing career in his Cancer Hospital, as per my information. This person doesnt only matter to me but he matters to the entire Pakistani nation not because he was a cricketer but because he is a life-saver of many who have suffered from the agonies of cancer. He turned the nightmare of cancer into a ray of hope. I have been to his hospital in Lahore and met the patients suffering from this agony and they say that Imran Khan is an angel on earth. Many have been successful in the field of sports but only some have done what he has. In my sight people like Imran Khan are born in decades or maybe even centuries NOOR-E-FATIMA MOAZZAM KHAN, Lahore, August 5.