The colonial rulers had a policy of encouraging corruption among their local Employees. Unfortunately, our government seems to continue to follow the same tradition that is resulting in extraordinary hardship for the people who, again in another colonial tradition of promoting illiteracy, are also deliberately being kept locked out of the age of enlightenment. One glaring example of the government giving preferential promotion to its corrupt employees is the case of a medical superintendent of Punjab Health Department who amassed so much personal wealth during only one year of his posting at a DHQ Hospital that he purchased property worth Rs. 8.5 million right in front of the same hospital. His wife was a gynecologist at the same hospital who did nothing but use her husbands authority to draw all hospital patients to her private clinic making a fortune for herself. While the husband and wife team was busy looting the public, the government was so pleased with them that the medical superintendent has now been promoted as the EDO of that district and the wife is enjoying the fruits of his power because the staff members who fail to cooperate in enhancing her private business in turn feel threatened by her presence. No gainsaying that it is against public interest to post such close relatives together on highly influential positions. The consensus among the people is that this couple has already accumulated at public expense material means enough to buy up half of this city. Is it possible that our government will ever reform its anti-people policies? Muhammad Ali, Muzaffargarh, August 3.