LAHORE With less than ten days left for the festivity of the Independence Day, shopping of flags, buntings, stickers, green caps and T-shirts, posters and badges has been getting momentum with each passing day in the provincial metropolis. It is pertinent to mention that the 65th Independence Day being celebrated this year luckily appears in month in which the great ideological state of Pakistan was established. A large number of makeshift shops and small outlets selling traditional items relating to Independence Day can be seen on the pavements, roads and leading markets of the City including Urdu Bazaar, Liberty Market, Anarkali, Samanabad, Chauburji, Gulberg, Model Town, Defense, Ferozepur Road and the Walled City. Printing industry markets including Fish Market, Urdu Bazaar, Rattigan Road, Royal Park, Aibak Road are also busy to maintain the orders of banners, stickers and other material related to the celebrations. According to the shopkeepers of Ganput Road, a major market adjacent to Urdu Bazaar, the sale of the material related to Independence Day celebrations is 50 per cent more than the last years that observed falling-off due to the severe countrywide floods. Mohammad Tahir, a shop owner told TheNation that the whole sale rate of the things relating to the Independence Day was higher this year due to high prices of paper and other material used in printing and clothe. He said price of 1.5x3 feet flag was 150 while last year it was Rs about 100. He said recently traders and whole sale shopkeepers of far flung areas were visiting the markets in order the purchase the stuff while retailers and common customer would come to buy one or two days before August 14. The traders of the remote areas seem more interested in purchase of such material, he added. The people want to celebrate the day with more vigor this year. Perhaps they have felt the significance of liberty during the on going war on terror and the apparent subservient condition of our homeland, a customer said who visited the market along with his children, Mehreen 19 year-old, Ali 15 year-old, Fahad and Anam. Mehreen and Ali said that they were going to celebrate the Independence Day in a way that the world knew the mettle of Pakistani youth. We deny dependence on the US and other so-called powers. We want to show that Pakistanis are independent nation, they said. As the August 14 is coming close, shops, buildings, government offices and houses are also being decorated to celebrate the Day with usual zeal. The preparations to arrange special concerts and other programs are also finalised to mark the Day.