OUR STAFF REPORTER FAISALABAD - The Jamaat e Islami local office bearers said that foreign powers were conspiring to break up the country by worsening the situation in Karachi. While talking with media persons on Friday, Muhammad Raiz Kharal, Sardar Zafar Hussian, Azeem Randhawa, Mian Muhammad Din and others said that different terrorist groups were serving their foreign masters by putting the port city on fire and destroying its industry and economy. While opposing military action in the mega city, they said that the Karachi situation could be brought under control by empowering the police and weeding out political elements from the force. Karachi could not be left at the mercy of the murderers and extortionists, they said. The JI would soon convene a national conference on the Karachi issue, they said, and added that if all the political parties were serious and making joint efforts for improvement, the Karachi situation could be normalized. They said that the target killings in Karachi had increased and during the last two months about five hundred people had been gunned down. The entire city had been handed over to the mafias. The government and law enforcing agencies were silent spectators simply because selfish interests were dearer to them than the national interest. The gangs of killers were roaming about in the city freely. They emerged at different spots all of a sudden and began indiscriminate firing. They said the patrons of these killer- groups were part of the government because of which the killers were not apprehended. When ever some gang was hauled up, its head got them released. They said as long as the government continued to be blackmailed by these people, peace would elude the port city. They said that the Karachi situation had worsened to the extent that some circles were openly demanding calling out the army in the city. However, they said, this was not a permanent solution.