LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Chief Munawar Hasan has said that Karachi wont be allowed to become another Bangladesh. Addressing the Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque, he said that the elements demanding troops for the port city at the behest of India and other foreign enemies, in fact wanted to drift the situation in Karachi to a point of no return to start a separatist movement for fulfilling their designs. Munawar said that all the governments both civil and military should be blamed for the current turbulence in Karachi, as each government allowed the cancer to grow. He said that masses were fully aware of the elements who introduced target killings and the culture of dead bodies in gunny bags. Opposing military operation in Sindhs capital, he said that military operations had always only lead to destruction and chaos. He said that a military operation had already been going on in Balochistan but the situation could not be improved. The JI Chief said that the masses love and respect the armed forces and always desire that forces should restrict themselves to the motto of Iman, Taqwah and Jehad.