It is shameful that in comparison to New Delhi that is building scores of dams on the Indus river system to turn Pakistan into a wasteland, our government is delaying the construction of Kalabagh Dam. As reported by this paper, a failure to build this dam will allow India to block 90 million cubic feet of water of River Indus. In fact, all those governments or politicians who have been delaying the project of Kalabagh are actually guilty of betraying the trust of the nation. The project is a lifeline of the country. Firstly, it will store extra water that is wasted otherwise, something that is the key to sustaining agriculture the mainstay of our economy and life itself. It can produce cheap electricity and reduce our dependence on the costly furnace oil that is currently being used to run power plants and has made electricity unaffordable. With a generation power of 3800MW, it will bridge the supply and demand gap to a considerable extent, thus restoring life in the business sector of the country. Last but not least, it will protect us from the onslaught of disastrous floods by storing as well as regulating the flow of the water coming downstream from the hilly areas and, in the process, will protect our economy and infrastructure from getting destroyed, as it was witnessed last year. It is a great pity that the present government led by Prime Minister Gilani has though admitted that the destruction wrought by last years unprecedented floods could have been less if Kalabagh Dam had been there, yet he did just nothing afterwards to take up its construction. Dams built by New Delhi on the Indus have already started to cause serious water shortage in the country, and in the coming days, we will only be aggravating the situation if we continue to ignore the paramount usefulness of this project Kalabagh Dam. Under the circumstances, there is hardly any choice and any time left for delay.