MARDAN - A land that has been allotted for extension of a centre for orphans by Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti has created rift between the owner and Mardan Development Authority (MDA). The owner of a three kanal land, which the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ameer Hadier Khan Hoti had provided for extension in Islah Centre (a centre for orphans) in Sheikh Maltoon Town (SMT), Mardan few months back, now wants to construct a bungalow for himself at it. The Mardan Development Authority (MDA) did not give permission to him on which he threatened its high-ups that he had relations with the chief minister, who gave them the land, MDA and local sources said. Source informed that Inayat-ur-Rehman has made an orphan centre - Islah Centre - in SMT Mardan. Few months ago, the Chief Minister Ameer Hadier Khan Hoti had provided a three kanal more land for its extension of the center. Source said that now the mentioned person has made a map of bungalow on the mentioned land. Sources further said that the owner of Islah centre wanted to construct a bungalow on one kanal land and make a garden on the other two kanals. Source said that the mentioned person made a map for bungalow and gave it the name of Islah Centre and wanted to approve it from MDA but certain high-ups in MDA refused to approve the mentioned map. The MDA high-ups told him that the chief minister provided these three kanal land for the extinction of the mentioned Islah Centre not for bungalow. Sources said that it was also written in the agreement that this land is for the extension of the Islah Centre. Source further said that MDA also issued notice to the mentioned person now the mentioned person has started giving threats to the high-ups of MDA and told them that he has relations with Chief Minister Ameer Hadier Khan Hoti and he in his personal capacity gave him the mentioned land and no one can stop me. Due to this act of the mentioned person panic has been created in the people of Sheikh Maltoon Town and they demanded the Chief Minister to take notice in this connection and provide the mention land for park so that their children use it for sports and other activities.