OUR STAFF REPORTER SAHIWAL - Kissan Board Sahiwal President Tayyab Mehmood Baloch said that creation of new provinces was not the need of country, This issue has been raised by incapable politicians, desiring to be the part of Government by using underhand means. Talking to newsmen he said that this issue is against the solidarity of the country and amounts to destablise it. He said that those demand the creation of Saraiki province are bereft of reason. He said that if Saraiki Province is carved out, the people of other provinces will follow it, then it would be difficult for the government to check this trend. Tayyab said that instead of creating provinces Kala Bagh Dam should be established which would be a great source of water and generating, electricity for posterity. Criticising the incumbent government, Tayyab Mehmood said the masses are being put off with false promises .He said that increasing dearness has made the life of masses miserable .